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Quickly ported & highly efficient ./design2013/header-gliwOS_web.png
The gliwOS scheduler is very simple and efficient with the following features:
  • compile-time optimization for minimal execution time and memory consumption
  • similar to OSEK/AUTOSAR: existing customer applications have been adapted from AUTOSAR OS to gliwOS (and back again) with negligible effort
  • support for multi-core processors (e.g. Infineon AURIX™ and Freescale e200-based multi-core processors)
  • two scheduling strategies: highly reactive preemptive multitasking and economical cooperative multitasking, can be combined in the same application
  • simple configuration via a single header file
  • periodic and non-periodic tasks
  • error handling
  • background processing (task)
  • supplied as source code, providing full control